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A common question that traditional business owners ask us is: “why should I invest in the internet?”.

Here are our top five reasons why you need to invest:
1. Your prospects won’t take you seriously if you’re not online.
2. You’re limiting your captive audience to local walk-ins.
3. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to invest a ton of money.
4. You’ll be able to influence your buyer’s decision making and generate more sales.
5. You’ve got the ability to build regular business through online loyalty.

Did you spot what we did there? It’s all about you. Your motivation to embrace the internet is the key to your success. While you don’t need the technical understanding, you do need to commit your business to grow and want to invest in your success.

First of all, before we go further, let’s clarify something.

You don’t need to sell physical products or services online, like an e-commerce company, to take advantage of the internet. If you do have products or services that you can sell online, then you’ll benefit even more from taking your digital presence seriously.

There is much said about doing business on the internet or “getting a business online”. Many companies make it sound too complicated or risky if not done by an agency but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Investing in the internet is easy and our team is here to show you how.

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The internet isn’t tricky. You just need the right team behind you.

Stop struggling to master web development and marketing.
Stop losing sleep over website stability and technical problems.
Stop fighting the mental battle of optimisation.
Stop searching for new ways to be successful online.
Stop envying those who seem to be cashing in on the internet.
Stop wasting your vital investment money on rubbish that doesn’t work.

Just take a second to stop all of those barriers on your path to success. If you’ve struggled to chase a digital victory, then we know how frustrated you already are. The internet is full of many burdens that distract you from the most important thing, your business.

Before we talk about who we are, let’s talk about your main focus, you. You might not think that a digital agency could pump real change into your business but that’s good. I want you to be skeptical.

Being skeptical means you’re smart and working smart instead of hard is one of our key secrets to dominating the internet.

Everyone and everything else you’ve encountered makes web design, development and optimisation seem far harder than it really is, but admittedly, it can be very hard, if you’re trying to make a go of it by yourself.

Agencies and Consultants have to mystify digital media. That’s what keeps them in business.

If you’re approached by a suit-wearing hot-shot and they told you that you could get everything that another agency offers for a fraction of the price, well, you probably dismiss them. The truth is they’re being dismissed for being honest with you. Digital media agencies and so-called SEO Consultants have been cashing in on your lack of understanding with their over-priced services and that’s going to end.

We’re not your typical Agency

You may have come across Digital Agencies or SEO Consultants before. If so, I’ll bet the owner, consultant or sales rep told you a story of a company that was about to go broke and desperate to turn their business around and after using their services they did just that. Yeah, it’s a canned story.

We don’t need to fill you with canned stories as our experience and client list speaks for itself.

Our team has been developing websites for 10 years, it’s what we do and what “lights us up”. But working for big named companies that cash in on our talents 1,000 times more than we did, always left us with a nasty taste in our mouth. That’s why we founded Rackpoint®.

In the world of digital media, there isn’t a robot program that automates everything while we all sleep in hammocks on the beach. That’s why it is so important to ensure you choose the right team from the very start. The Rackpoint® team are experienced professionals who know what it takes to succeed.

We’re not pre-wired robots that only follow one technique. Our strategy is dynamic and constantly evolving to ensure you get the service and success you deserve.

All right, stop. Collaborate and listen.

The team works around the clock on research. We monitor updates, press releases, reactions to development on all the major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, YouTube and 27 others. Doing this gives us a good indication of what techniques we’ll use on your website.

With this being said we don’t know for certain that what we achieved in the past will happen again in the future. There are many [thousands of] variables to consider. Because of this, an ongoing strategy is critical.

Having a long-term strategy allows my team to analyse your media and perform actions that dynamically change depending on how search engines are reacting to your content. This is is a long-term marketing solution that won’t give you success over-night. Instead, it will evolve over several months or even years depending on our strategy and you’ll dominate in the long-term.

Another gripe of ours is getting you to pay for stuff you can simply do yourself and you can start right now! We’ll work with you and make sure you spend your money in the right places and aren’t wasteful.

8 Steps you can take right now!

Step 1. Write effective content.

Bin that over-informative and dull content.

Write head-turning titles and subjects. The subject of your page, product or service dictates whether your information is going to be read or not. If your headline doesn’t speak to the reader and invoke interest then they’re not going to read it. It’s that simple.

Create a hook that grabs their attention. You have three seconds to grab their attention and keep it. The first sentence is just as important as the title.

Do your research. If you haven’t got the research behind you, how are you going to establish your credibility online? Well researched articles, products and service pages support your claims.

Focus on a single purpose. It’s easy for readers to get distracted so keep each page focused on a single purpose. Tie back into your main point as frequently as possible.

Write in a unique voice. The content you publish should be written in a voice that is unique to your company and its personality. The tone of the content is important. Research your captive audience and write to a style that will engage with them.

Optimise the content. Employ a company to optimise your content. The best content often consists of short paragraphs that are effective and straight to the point.

Edit your work. Once you’ve finished, frequently review and edit your content so it stays relevant. This applies to both your product and your captive audience.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Step 2. Use Social Media.

Building a database of targeted customers which you can interact with on-demand is an invaluable marketing tool. Often, the difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses online is their commitment to social media.

You don’t need to employ a social media manager or sit up after work waiting for that perfect time to post online. My team have developed a low-cost, self-managed social media automation tool. Specially designed for small to medium businesses, you’ll nail your social media.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Step 3. Use tools.

We’ve already agreed that digital media can’t be automated, however, you can use tools to drastically reduce your time spent on making the most of your content. We’ve been using tools since day one and have drastically increased our productivity. We’re able to smash through our to-do list extremely quickly, which is reflected in our pricing.

There are hundreds of thousands of tools out there, it’s down you to choose what’s right for your business. If you require something specific, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Step 4. Optimise your content.

Stop paying SEO companies to perform basic optimisation. Follow these points and you’ll see a noticeable difference in a relatively short period of time.

1. Use your keyword in your title.
2. Use your keyword in a long-tail keyword phrase (in a subheading)
3. Make sure your keyword appears two or three times in your content.
4. Put your Keyword in your images ALT text.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Step 5. Promote your business online.

With many methods of promoting yourself online, it can be a bit of a minefield. Here’s a list of the top methods for generating brand awareness, growing your following and building traffic online.

1. Social Media Competitions
2. Influencer Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Search Engine Optimisation
5. Frequently engage with your existing client base.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Step 6. Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

The ability to monitor how your visitors find you and what they do once they are on your website is an amazing feature and you MUST use. It will tell you what works, what doesn’t and will help generate a plan of action to increase your efficiency.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Stop 7. On-going development.

Don’t stop! Once you’re up there, unless you keep working away at content, seo and other bits, you’re not going stay there. Find yourself a great company to work with who know what they’re doing.

If you fancy yourself as a DIYer, there are hundreds of courses out there on sites like Udemy that will provide you with everything you need to know about digital media. Often, these courses are at a fraction of the cost of getting a company to do it for you.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

Step 8. Maintenance.

Keep your servers, websites, emails, domains and other media properties up to date. It’s a known fact that unless you’re using the latest software and employ the latest techniques you’re at risk! Hackers and spammers are out for blood, don’t put your company at risk.

Don’t have the time? Hire our team of experts.

To summarise,

The internet is a minefield of fly-by-night operations that haven’t got a clue when it comes to digital media and using it to its full potential. That’s why you need us. A team of local, honest experts who truly have your back.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can help your business, right now.