Why is SEO important for a website?

Search Engine Optimisation is the blanket term for anything related to increasing the visibility of your website on search engines. If done correctly, it will get you to where you want to be, number one!

When we talk about SEO, there is often a focus on Google. Google is the god of search engines and from experience, if you can get to number one on Google, you’ll get to number one on Ask, Bing!, Yahoo! and other search engines. I’ll just take a step back as this isn’t “What is SEO?” or “Which SEO techniques are best”, it’s about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation.

As a business owner, why should you take your hard earned cash and invest it in this particular service? To put it simply, SEO is the best method of marketing. There are a vast number of reasons, long and short, as to why you should but I haven’t got the time to list them all here so here are the top four reasons.

Build Trust, Authority and Branding

Ranking high in organic search results signals to searchers that you are the top dog in your industry. Think about it – if I searched for Builders in Haywards Heath, I’m more likely to trust the first result than somebody on the second page (if I even make it to the second page). #1 rankings mean a lot and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Organically ranked businesses build consumer confidence as the consumer knows that they haven’t just paid to be there as the other businesses have. Users on search engines know that you’re more likely to offer the service or product that they are searching for.

Increase your website traffic and ultimately sales.

Here’s some stat’s on how the organic traffic is distributed across the top five places for you to absorb:

  • #1 Ranking Position: 32%
  • #2 Ranking Position: 17%
  • #3 Ranking Position: 10%
  • #4 Ranking Position: 7%
  • #5 Ranking Position: 5%

Crazy right? And by the time you get to the second page less than 1% of searchers are going to visit your website. On closer inspection, it’s pretty obvious that ranking high is key to success. The difference between spots #2 and #10 mean the difference between a thriving website and a tiny quantity of users each day. Remember, it’s not just the volume of traffic that’s critical, it’s also how permanent your rankings are.

With PPC, you pay Google and other search engines and you’ll see results instantly. As soon as you stop paying, your traffic dries up. Search Engine Optimisation, on the other hand, is long-term. Your performance is based on the work you’ve put in and the content you’ve created. Remember, that background work doesn’t just vanish overnight.

If you improve your Search Engine Optimisation and get good results, you can chill and watch the traffic pour in for months or sometimes years without doing anything at all.

Customer Insights

Search Engine Optimisation gives trackable and quantifiable results. This gives you an overview of what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to analyse and adapt your plan of attack.

You’re able to spy on your visitors and look at almost every aspect. From the most popular keywords and traffic stats to conversion rates and keyword rankings. All of this gives you a better idea of what your customer wants and their goals, allowing you to target them better.

Great Return On Investment (ROI)

Search Engine Optimisation boosts your brand visibility, authority, conversions, insights and sustainable traffic. Best of all, if it’s done well, it can deliver a huge return on investment (ROI)

Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO is essentially free. All you need it time and a little know-how. If you’re unsure of what to do, contact me to discuss my services and tuition.

While SEO is financially free, you will have to invest time and patience. You’ll need to dedicate a lot of hours into your SEO campaign to achieve that #1 spot. When you get there, which you will, you’ll reap the rewards.

So, get your SEO sorted and you’ll increase sales, subscriptions or whatever your goals are. Done right, and it shouldn’t increase your marketing overheads, it’s a worthwhile investment.

To Summarise

SEO is a vital tool when it comes to online marketing but don’t be fooled – it will give you results, but to take your website to the next level you’ll need to use it alongside other solutions.