Why is marketing important?

For businesses who don’t market themselves online, I have one question for you: Do you want to build your brand awareness, increase sales, grow your business and engage with your customers? If you haven’t answered yes, then you’re nuts! Marketing is one of the more important things businesses do. Let’s take a look at the key points of online marketing and I’ll explain why you need to embrace it.

Marketing informs your customers. Keeping things simple, marketing is extremely efficient for customer education. I’m sure you know your services and products like the back of your had – but do your customers? For your customer to buy into that product or service, they need to have a solid foundation of exactly what it is, how it can help them and why they should choose it over your competition. Marketing is, without-a-doubt a valuable method of client education. If consumer education is on your to-do list, then marketing should be with it.

It equalises the market. Online marketing is getting less expensive and more effective. Platforms such as the Rackpoint® Social Media Tool have made it easy for businesses to reach out to customers on more than 20 social networks. Using these modern techniques allows businesses to reach more customers, spend more time on each prospect and even the playing field when dealing with competition.

It’s sustainable. Marketing, if done right, makes brand awareness a sustainable commodity. This on-going, long-lasting and ever-present engagement with your audience allows businesses to flourish online.

Speaking of engagement, if you look at any successful business you’ll notice it’s always a priority. Particularly with small to medium businesses, marketing is the answer they’re looking for when they try to keep a customer engaged, even after they’ve walked out the door. Back in the day, you walked into a shop and had face-to-face interactions with staff. While face-to-face engagement is still important, it’s not enough. Your customers want to be engaged outside the shop and this is where marketing jumps in. Your prospects and even existing clients want to form a relationship with your brand and marketing through the internet on platforms such as Social Media, Google, Yahoo!, Pinterest and so forth is the answer.

One of the more obvious results of marking is that it sells. It helps you sell your products or services through an essential channel to your targeted audience. As I am sure you guessed, without marketing most businesses simply wouldn’t exist. This is because marketing is what drives traffic, which converts into leads and then sales. Of course, you need to have a good product but if people don’t know it exists, how are you going to make the money to pay for your staff, bills and rent? Small businesses, in particular, need creative and fresh content to draw people in and lead them to make a purchase. Marketing makes sales and businesses are about making money, what more could you need?

To help the evolution of your business in terms of growth, marketing is an important strategy. Little efforts like automated social media posting and email campaigns might not seem like marketing to a new audience, but it will help spread the word via referrals to new potential prospects. In essence, marketing secures your business’ future through engagement.