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Why Don’t Your Customers Trust You?

by Ben Tate

If you’re struggling to gain or keep your customers trust, then it’s not too late. It is never too late to regain your customer’s trust. In any kind of relationship, trust means everything. It is one of the hottest commodities in the business world.

Whether you’re a good or bad guy, there’s always lingering doubt behind any decision we make. Addressing this doubt is the key to building trust and as a result sales.

We’re taught from a very early stage in life to stay away from strangers and it was drilled into us to always say no and walk away if we did encounter somebody. From childhood all the way through to adulthood, this rule is embedded in our daily lives. In this article, I’ll talk you through how this effects brands and businesses and what is needed to combat this.

Why can’t I build customers trust?

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