How can SEO help my business?

For those of you who don’t know much about search engine optimisation and how it impacts businesses, the thought of trying to work out if you should invest time and money into SEO is a daunting task. Regardless of who you are or what your business does, if you have a website then search engine optimisation is something you should consider.

User Experience & Interface

The first benefit of SEO is that your website is optimised to be user friendly. Many people get caught up on the old definition of search optimisation, which was all about optimising for search engine. Nowadays, SEO is about improving your users experience too.

Clean and functional websites decrease your bounce rate. If your website is interesting and easy to use, your visitors are going to stick around longer. With that in mind, relevant and unique content on sales pages and blog articles keeps your visitors on the website for longer and is more likely to generate a lead or registration.

On-page SEO, if done by an experienced professional, makes users happy. If your users are happy, the search engines will be happy as they enjoy serving high-quality information to their visitors.

Increase Sales with SEO

The reason you’re here and reading this article is being you have a website and you want it to stand out from your competition and increase your sales. Did you know that an SEO optimised website generates much more traffic and grows twice as fast versus a business that hasn’t optimised their website?!

We love SEO because it is an affordable and very effective marketing strategy. It will only bring in customers who are actively looking for your product or service. If you’re willing to invest your time [it only takes a couple of hours a day] and a small amount of money – you’ll eventually generate more traffic (and sales) for your business than if you were to use any other marketing strategy.

Increase Conversion Rates with SEO

Optimised websites have a faster load time, better functionality and will work on any device, including mobiles, tablets and game consoles. This generates and holds the attention of your visitors and as a result, they’re more likely to convert into a lead or sale.

Using SEO To Build Brand Awareness

Another brilliant result of search optimisation is building brand awareness through SERPs (Search Engine Rank Positions). If your website or business appears on the first page of Google, your potential visitors are more likely to trust you over a competitor who isn’t as established online.

This is exactly why businesses want to invest in optimisation to build brand awareness and start gaining top rankings for the key terms in their industry. This isn’t the 00’s anymore, Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing e.t.c play a big part in making your business a success or failure.

Using SEO To Beat Your Competitors

If there were two businesses in the same industry and they sell the same products at the same prices but only one of them had optimised their website then who do you think is more likely to attract more website traffic and sales? Which company do you think is going to grow faster and be a success?

SEO is a powerful technique for building your business. If your competitors are investing in digital media like websites, marketing, infrastructure and optimisation then you must ask yourself why you haven’t and what will be the outcome if you don’t.