Can you SEO a WIX site?

The short answer is yes. Wix has been playing catch up over the last couple of years with fierce competition from CMS’ such as WordPress and Weebly when it comes to functionality. It now boasts a comprehensive range of SEO features.

Websites using the Wix platform haven’t had any problems getting to the top of search engines. The platform appears to be a nice fit for small personal websites. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to test the features of a Wix website to see how it compares to other website management systems.

It’s clear that there are many other builders out there, most of which cost less and have more advanced features, like WordPress for example. But if you’re looking for a cheap ‘do it yourself’ website builder for a personal website then a Wix website is more than adequate.

Its standard set of features allows clients to alter metadata, change headings, add image alt tags, set up analytics amongst other features. Everything you need as an amateur Webmaster is included. To help you get started, Wix offers a number of SEO guides which can be found here:

While I avoid Wix as a professional because it doesn’t have the advanced features I need, that other platforms offer, I wouldn’t deter amateur webmasters from trying Wix as it’s a great place to start.